What’s in a name? That which we call a cat by any other name would be just as cute and cuddly. So, when you’re thinking of getting a cat, are you trying to come up with the perfect name for that precious bundle of joy? Maybe something that means something special? Something that perfectly sums up how special your new little friend is? Sometimes looking at some popular cat names can help you come up with something truly unique, or maybe you can find a name from this list that you fall in love with.

The most popular cat names are popular for a reason. There’s a lot behind a name. It’s a word that describes you with great meaning. But naming your cat comes with the added benefit of being quite fun! You can be as silly and cute as possible. So let’s get creative with some popular cat names.

What Are Popular Cat Names?

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Did you know the oldest recorded cat name was Nedjem? This Egyptian cutie was named Nedjem because of its “sweet” and “pleasant” appearance and personality. That’s what “Nedjem” means!

We’re not really sure if it that was a popular cat name or not. It didn’t seem like common practice to name your pets back in the day. Most cats were named “Miu,” which not so coincidentally sounds like the sound a cat makes. So it was more of a cat greeting than anything.

But how exactly do cat names even get popular? Adorable pet owners keep picking them! The only way to properly understand that is by looking at the names. There’s gotta be a reason people love these popular cat names so much! If so many people fell in love with them, you’ll surely fall in love with at least one of them.

How To Choose Popular Cat Names

A name that’s a little more unique requires an ID tag that’s a little more unique. You can order customized pet ID tags on Amazon. They’re super fast and super cheap, so the sky is really the limit.

The cat name that you choose has to be one that you and your cat both love. A good name will stand out to you when you find it. The trick is to not overthink it. Just look through some good options and the right answer will pop out at you!

Popular Female Cat Names

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Female cats offer no shortage of adorable and popular cat names. Names like Luna and Cleo are often associated with cats with rambunctious and playful personalities. If you see your little lady cat running up and down the house, it may be a Luna.

1. Ginger

orange cat

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Ginger is a popular cat name usually reserved for the firey, orange-colored cats. But the name Ginger has several different meanings, in case you want to name your black cat Ginger. Obviously, Ginger is a bit of a spicy root used in many different kinds of food. But more elegantly, Ginger can be in reference to Virginia, as a diminutive form. That means “spring-like,” or “flourishing.”

2. Daisy

Daisy is a beautiful flower. It’s also a way to express when someone is energetic, fresh, or wholesome. That definitely pertains to many cat’s personalities, making this one of the most popular cat names for girls.

3. Cupcake

Sometimes, names are just meant to be cute and silly. Cupcake, for instance, is the name of a delicious pastry that really sells as a name. Female cats named Cupcake are usually the big white fluffy kind, very reminiscent of a fluffy, delicious pastry.

4. Angel

The names we give our cats can be an expression of how we feel about them. When you’re so enamored by your new cat friend, you might find them angelic and perfect. Many cat owners feel that way, which is probably why Angel is one of the most popular cat names in the world.

5. Cinnamon

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If Ginger is a little too popular or doesn’t quite sum up how spicy your feline friend is, Cinnamon could work. Cinnamon is usually the name of orange or brown cats with cute little spots on them. It may be a popular name, but your cat would certainly stand out.

6. Abby

This is such a popular name, humans use it too! Abby is typically a shortened version of Abigail, which is a Hebrew name that means “gives joy” or “father’s joy.” If your cat gives you joy, she’s definitely an Abby.

7. Misty

This name is pretty self-explanatory. Misty is Misty, or foggy. It could be in reference to your cats hazy grey or white color. Or maybe their eyes remind you of something misty.

8. Bella

The name Bella has exploded in popularity, mainly due to the popularity of the young adult Twilight novels. No, really! If you’re not a fan of the books but are a fan of the name, you should know that it means “beautiful” in Italian, making it a perfect cat name.

9. Luna

The beautiful name of Luna is Spanish for “Moon.” It may also have grown in popularity due to a book character. That’s right, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter!

Luna is an especially feminine name, as it was the name of a goddess. Birth within the Cancer astrological sign is a popular reason to name your cat Luna. Luna was the most popular name in 2018.

10. Nala

black cat with green eyes

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The lion queen opposite the king in the famous Disney story of the same name. Nala, being one of the most famous cats of all time, is easily one of the most popular cat names you’ll hear.

11. Lola

Lola has a warm and sweet sound to it. Dolores, which Lola is short for, means “sorrows” in Spanish.

12. Coco

Coco is a very popular cat name in the United States. China, however, has also claimed this name as one of their most popular names. Coco is often associated with dark, chocolatey looking cats.

13. Lily

The name of a beautiful flower, Lily is just one of the sweetest names you’ll ever hear. For humans, Lily is the most popular flower name. It isn’t far behind for cats either.

14. Sophie

Sophie is the most popular female baby name in the United States. So it’s no surprise that cats are being given this name as well.

15. Bailey

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Cat owners often associate their cat’s colors with the alcoholic Irish cream, Bailey’s. Seriously! Wherever you get the name, it certainly is an adorable one.

16. Pepper

When something is spotted black and grey, it’s easy to call it “Pepper.” That’s why many cat parents name their female cats Pepper. Who wouldn’t pick it? It’s cute and accurate.

17. Buttercup

There are plenty of flower names! Buttercup is a yellow flower of great elegance. The flower typically represents humility, neatness, or childishness. Whether that sums up your cat or not, the name is too adorable not to consider.

18. Mittens

Hearing mittens brings up images of keeping warm in the winter or playing in the snow. A cat that is fluffy and looks cozy no matter what is probably a Mittens at heart.

19. Snowball

Speaking of snow and mittens, Snowball is an obvious choice for cats with big fluffy white coats. Snowball will probably always be one of the most popular cat names in the world because it’s so cute.

20. Lulu

black cat sitting on a wooden surface

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Lulu means “pearl,” “peaceful,” “precious,” or “calm” and originates from Hawaii. Definitely saved for those gentle and relaxed felines who are extra cute.

21. Kitty

“Kitty” requires no explanation. But it’s popular for a reason. Kitty is actually quite the popular name, as it goes back hundreds of years. Think of it as naming your cat “Miu” or “Meow.”

22. Molly

Molly is an adorable name that’s diminutive of Mary. The name has a rich history and definition that ultimately sums up to “bitter.” If you have a Grumpy Cat type, she’s probably trying to tell you her name is Molly.

23. Maggie

A versatile name, Maggie has been used for cats, dogs, and humans alike. In fact, it’s also one of the most popular dog names out there.

24. Juno

Let’s say Angel is taken and you want a heavenly name for your goddess of a cat. Take it a step further with Juno, the goddess of the heavens. Don’t feel weird, many people feel this strongly about their cats. Juno is one of the most popular cat names, after all.

25. Delilah

Delilah is a name perfectly paired with a dog named Samson. A Hebrew biblical name, Delilah means “languishing,” or “lovelorn.”

Popular Male Cat Names

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Your cat probably won’t throw a fit if you give them a name they don’t like. A lot of these names are meant for both male and female cats. So if you just really love a name, go ahead and use it. As you will quickly find out, male cat names are just as adorable and sweet as female cat names.

1. Tiger

There’s “Kitty” and then there’s “Tiger.” If you have an orange colored striped cat and don’t want to name him Garfield, Tiger is a good name to fall back on. It’s fierce and strong.

2. Aldo

Aldo has a nice ring to it. It means “old and wise,” which may not be accurate for a newborn kitten, but they’ll grow into it.

3. Toby

Toby, or Tobias, has a rich history. It can be traced to the ancient middle east as a variant of Yahweh, the Jewish god. It’s also super adorable.

4. Teddy

What’s the name of something that you can cuddle with while you sleep? Oh right, a very popular name for a cat, Teddy. Short for Theodore, but not Ted or Theo, Teddy is the perfect snuggle buddy.

5. Zeus

brown cat sitting on a wooden corner

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The mighty Greek god of the Earth, sky, and basically all other gods, Zeus is a popular name. Why, you ask? Maybe your cat feels he’s the ruler to your house and all your other pets.

6. Louie

Some consider Louie to be the absolute number one cat name. Louie is basically the French version of Louis, an English name. If your cat is French, consider naming him Louie.

7. Ollie, or Oliver

You won’t find a list of popular cat names without finding Oliver on that list. Oliver is the male counterpart for Olive, a popular culinary vegetable and a color.

8. Oscar

Oscar is definitely an Academy Award contender for cutest male cat name on this list. This name is described as both cute and adorable, as well as strong and masculine. So it’s up to you whether you give this to a big cat or a small one.

9. Finn

“White,” or “fair” in complexion, Finn is an old Norse name. Finn is definitely considered a masculine name.

10. Thor

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Speaking of Norse names, this one requires no introduction. Thor is the almighty god of thunder. If you feel your cat is a Thor, I suppose you’d just know it when you see it.

11. Lucky

Lucky is a popular name for miracle kittens or rescue cats. There must be a lot of fortunate cats out there to land a spot on the popular names list!

12. Beau

Beau is seen as the male version of Bella, or Belle. All those names mean “beautiful,” Beau being the French masculineversion of that.

13. Apollo

Apollo is the perfect name for a cat that just sings to us when we see him. That’s because Apollo is the Roman god of music and medicine.

14. Shadow

Is your kitten showing early signs of brooding and darkness? Shadow is a popular cat name for those dark, mysterious felines with dark black or grey fur.

15. Rocco, or Rocky

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Rocky is a diminutive form of Rocco, which is an Italian name. “Rest,” “repose,” and “to roar” are some of the meanings behind this popular name. The third definitely applies to a big strong masculine cat.

16 and 17: Milo and Otis

In almost equal measure, Milo and Otis are two of the most popular cat names. The movie “Milo and Otis” is quite the classic. It’s about a cat and a dog who are best friends. Doesn’t matter which one is the cat and which one is the dog, because both names are used as male cat names.

18. Rex

A cat that is quite the roar-er should absolutely be named Rex. Rex kind of sounds like a dinosaur, but it’s actually a really popular name that means “king.”

19. George

George might be a little safe and is very much a human name. But there’s no doubting that people love this name for their cat.

20. Romeo

white cat against black background

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Oh, where art thou? From the classic Shakespearean story “Romeo and Juliet,” Romeo is a great name for the romantic type.

21. Oreo

Everyone loves Oreos. When we see something that resembles an Oreo, it’s the first thing that comes to mind. That’s why Oreo is such a popular cat name for black and white cats.

22. Benny

Benny is another good and safe name. It’s quite popular for both cats and humans. Benny is probably such a popular cat name due to the Hanna Barbara cat “Benny the Ball.”

23. Ranger

If you’ve got yourself an outdoor cat, Ranger is a cool and popular cat name for them. It’s great because it means “forest guardian,” or just “guardian.” Your cat is someone who protects the house. Ranger as a name and as a job, yeah?

24. Joey

Joey, or Joe, is perhaps the most common name in the English dictionary. By putting a “Y” at the end of it, it becomes a perfect little name for your cat.

25. Odin

What is it with cats and Norse mythology? Odin is the father of Thor, the god of thunder. Odin is awesome, so of course, it’s a popular name.

Pick A Name That Matches Your Cat’s Personality

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Pretty early on, you’ll be able to detect some kind of personality traits from your kitten. They may be independent and a little more reserved than dogs, but nobody ever accused them of not being expressive.

When their little personalities start to shine, you might get a better idea if they’re an Oliver or a Bella, but you’ll probably know when you meet them.

Cat parents typically name their little friends based on their appearances. Tiger is a popular name for that very reason. But what’s great about choosing popular cat names is that there are countless pet ID tags you can purchase. You’ll be sure to find one that matches your cat if it’s a popular name.

So, get to looking and leave a comment to tell us which name was your favorite!